The Travelling Professor

Doctor Lewis Deitch

Hi folks, check out my latest book below. Expect more exciting new titles soon!

I am a semi-retired professor of geography with over 46 years of teaching experience. During my distinguished career, I directed the Honors Program at Northern Arizona University and developed many programs relating to the study of contemporary world affairs. I am an honors graduate of The University of California, Los Angeles, earned my Master of Arts at The University of Arizona and completed my doctorate in geography at The University of New England in Australia.

Doctor Lewis DeitchI consider myself to be a globetrotter, having visited 92 countries on all continents except Antarctica. My primary focus is upon human landscapes, especially such topics as local architecture, foods, clothing and folk music.

I enjoy being in front of an audience, and have spoken to thousands of people at civic and professional organizations. I have been lecturing on board ships for a five-star cruise line since 2008. I love to introduce people to exciting new places both by means of presenting vividly illustrated talks and through serving as a tour consultant for ports of call.

Apart from travel, my favorite pastime is science fiction. Since I was first introduced to Flash Gordon as a child, I have dreamt of other worlds, alien contact and a future where we are not alone.

I began to write science fiction stories about 20 years ago, but frankly never did anything but share them with friends. Now that Kindle makes it so easy to publish, I decided to try my hand with my two largest novels, "Fatal Contact" and "Expedition to Eternity." And I hope readers will find them exciting.

I am also publishing several travel companion books to aid prospective travelers by introducing them to the countries to which they wish to visit.

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